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Lydia Cash is one of the most recognizable forces of the Chicago art scene, featured by revered local establishments such as Gibsons Italia and Ocean Prime in the LondonHouse. With a sense of freedom and irreverence, Cash focuses on embracing the unknown and trusting her instinct through her mark making. Her paintings are deeply passionate, unbridled, and profoundly felt by both the artist and the observer. 


In recent years, Cash’s work has focused increasingly on color theory, as she creates playful and unusual palettes. Her recent work is often more graphic in nature, as she views these compositions as vessels for presenting various color palettes in a somewhat literal way. As she experiments with endless combinations of colors, she simultaneously explores the feelings that these unique combinations evoke.

DSC_3893 2.jpg

Cash grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. There she studied at The Alabama School of Fine Arts and went on to earn her BA in Fine Art from Auburn University. Lydia moved to Chicago in 2013, and her infatuation for the city has since become a wellspring of inspiration for her work.


When renowned architect Mark Knauer took note of her work in 2016, Cash left her corporate job and founded LYDIASTUDIO to pursue painting full-time. Her work has been featured by Free People, Harken Interiors, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, and Buckingham Interiors, and she has since been sought after by collectors throughout the U.S. and Europe. She continues to partner with interior designers across the U.S. to create custom paintings for the hospitality industry and commercial buildings, and also works with individuals on residential custom work.

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