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art direction

Lydia Design Co. has had the pleasure of working with a range of design and branding clients, from small businesses and startups to global brands such as Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.​

Lydia fell in love with design while working at a screen printing shop in Alabama shortly after graduating from Auburn University with a degree in fine art. Her job at the shop began with sorting and catching shirts, packaging orders, and sewing tags. Months later she began working as a designer and eventually became the Art Director, overseeing film production and creating custom shirt designs for clients.

Since moving to Chicago in 2013, Cash has built a career as a painter and a musician, but design has always been at the forefront of these ventures. In 2021, Cash moved to Nashville, and she has since reconnected with her screen printing roots, finding herself returning to hand-drawn designs and old school techniques, drawing inspiration from vintage music posters and traditional tattoos.


Past design clients include Gild Hall (New York), Thompson Central Park New York, The Hibernia (San Francisco), Gibsons Italia (Chicago), and Board AF (Chicago.) 

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